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Price List

Routine Treatment

This treatment includes nail cut and file, hard skin, corns, cracked heels. 


Routine Toenail cutting (Clinic Visit)

This Includes nail cut and file, perfect if you find it difficult to cut your own toenail, or they have become thick and unmanageable.


Verruca Treatment

This includes removal of hard skin around the verruca, plus verruca treatment


Home Visit Routine Chiropody

This treatment includes nail cut and file, hard skin, corns, cracked heels


(Home Visit) Routine Toenail Cutting

Includes Toenail cut and File


Medical Pedicure

This is the ultimate foot indulgent treatment includes nails, cuticles, hard skin, corns, cracked heels 


Ingrown toenail treatment

Includes removal of nail spike which is causing pain and swelling, application of nail softner and antiseptic dressing applied.


Ingrown Toenail Brace

This includes treatment of ingrown toenail, plus application of toenail brace system to alleviate pain and correct curved nail plate, this is a great alternative to toenail surgery.


Foot Pain Consultation

Got foot pain and don't know the cause we can help! include non invasive immediate relief treatment