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Injection Therapy

At My Foot Doctor in Motherwell, our Podiatrist specialises in a range of injection therapies for the treatment of foot and lower limb conditions. Our Podiatrist has trained for over 11 years post graduate study to bring you the best treatments available to help alleviate pain and prevent further degeneration of the affected area. As well as offer standard injections such as steroid injections, we also offer some of the most innovative treatment available to regenerate damaged tissue such as PRP platelet rich plasma injections, Traumeel Injections, Prolotherapy see below for further information about each individual injection therapies treatment available in our podiatry clinic.

Steroid Injections

A steroid injection, sometimes referred to as a cortisone injection, may be offered at My Foot Doctor podiatry clinic to treat pain associated with inflammation. Inflammation can occur in a number of joints and soft tissues of the ankle and foot, resulting in pain, restricted movement, and impaired function. A steroid is not a painkiller directly, instead it is a powerful anti-inflammatory. The steroids ability to reduce inflammation means that they can reduce pain that is the result of inflammation.

Steroid Injection Benefits

  • A reduction in inflammation and any associated pain
  • Less side effects than oral steroids
  • Steroid is given directly at the site of pain, where it is required
  • Steroid injections help to preserve function and joint mobility
  • The injection is administered quickly and easily by a podiatrist.
  • More effective than other anti-inflammatories.

Ostenil Injections

We also offer ostenil injections which contain hyaluronic acid, which is an ingredient that aids in the restoration of synovial joints that have been damaged by osteoarthritis; the big toe joint is a synovial joint. Synovial joints produce synovium, which is a liquid that helps to lubricate the joint allowing it to be mobile.

Traumeel and Zeel Injections

Prolotherapy Injections

Neural Prolotherapy

(PRP) Platelet Rich Plasma injections