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What is a Corn?

A corn is a small areas of hard skin, roughly round in shape, which press into the skin. They are often found over high-pressure areas of the foot.

What are the symptoms of corns?

Pain or discomfort may occur and different types of corn appear over various parts of the foot. Corns may be visible in between toes, on tops of toes or on the sole of the foot. Causes for corns to form are similar to those for callus – pressure, footwear and high levels of activity.

What should I do if I have a corn?

If a corn is left untreated it will become painful. A corn will not get better on its own unless the pressure that originally caused the corn is removed. If the cause is not removed then the skin will continue to thicken and become more painful. If you have a corn and require treatment then you should arrange an appointment with our Chiropodist & Podiatrist at My Foot Doctor clinic in Motherwell. You can also book Online for a chiropody appointment click here

Could there be any long term effects from a corn?

After some time the body may treat the corn as a foreign body and an ulcer or abscess could develop. These can be serious, especially if they become infected. Infection is a very serious complication for individuals with diabetes, poor circulation and peripheral neuropathy.

Podiatry treatment for corns.

Corns are symptoms of underlying problems and, therefore, self treatment should only be attempted once a diagnosis of the underlying condition and advice on how to best manage it is gained from a podiatrist.

There are many over the counter corn remedies and plasters that are readily available. These, however, do not treat the cause of the corn and can be risky in many individuals such as those with diabetes, poor circulation, frail skin etc.

Podiatric management of corns with our chiropodist includes:

  • a thorough assessment to determine the cause of the corn
  • implementation of a management / treatment plan

Management plans for the treatment of corns commonly consist of:

  • maintenance appointments to keep the corn reduced and prevent pain.
  • use of padding to prevent the pressure
  • footwear fitting advice (if required)
  • provision of foot orthotics or supports to relieve the pressure under the foot
  • surgical correction of the bony prominence that may be causing the high pressure area

It is especially important that those with diabetes or poor circulation see a podiatrist for the management of corns.

Are you unsure if you have a corn or would like advise with any other foot problem please feel free to contact our chiropodist and podiatrist, using our contact page

or if you would prefer to call: 01698 267389 or text you can reach our chiropodist and podiatrist direct on her mobile: 07985 687 770

Chiropodists and podistrist can help diagnose, treat and prevent a wide range of foot and lower limb problems, Our chiropodist and podiatrist is qualified to BSc Podiatric Degree standards with over 11 years experience, as well as dealing with minor foot treatments, such as corns, hard skin (callus), ingrown toenails, bunions, verruca, athletes foot, fungal nail infections, infected toenails, skin problems, we can also deliver fast and effective podiatric treatments such as surgery under local anaesthetic to deal with ingrown toenails or infected toenails (ingrown toenail surgery). Our podiatrist can also deal with a wide variety of foot problems, such morton's neuroma, plantar fasciitis, metatarsaligia, neuropathy, over pronation, gait analysis, insoles and orthotic prescriptions, children's foot problems, sports injuries, arthritis, diabetic footcare, elderly foot care and gait changes, plus a whole lot more. At my foot doctor our chiropodist and Podiatrist offers the latest treatments to deal aesthetic problems of nails Toenail Brace innovative injection therapy techniques such as steroid injection, Ostenil injections, PRP injections, , Five minute fungal nail test, Toenail Reconstruction, Low level laser therapy LLLT, Medical Pedicure. we also offer some of the most up to date treatments in the UK, such as Low level laser therapy, such as Low level laser therapy, which has been proven to treat a wide spectrum of painful foot conditions, such as plantar fasciitis, gout, arthritis, heel pain, achilles tendonitis, knee and ankle pain. 

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