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Arthritic Pain Relief

Laser therapy delivers pain-relief and addresses the inflammation in arthritic conditions.

Treatment is pain-free, with no side effects

With Rheumatoid arthritis, laser therapy influences small joints directly and large joints indirectly. It strengthens the antiphlogistic processes and depresses the autoimmune response. The effects in the early stages of the condition can be impressive, but with chronic conditions, although pain is eased on treatment, longer treatment courses may be necessary in order to make a substantive differences to the condition. It also appears that adding laser therapy to prescribed medication gives improved results over medication alone.

Low Level Laser Therapy can prove beneficial in the treatment of gout, as attacks can be curtailed and the symptoms reduced. Laser therapy inhibits inflammation, eases pain, reduces swelling and joint tenderness.

In cases of osteoarthritis, laser therapy may slow down the degenerative process as well as ease acute symptoms. In the case of large joints such as the hip joint, the therapeutic effects of laser are brought on by an improvement and strengthening of the surrounding tissues. Laser therapy activates the microcirculation and the metabolism, prevents oedema and triggers anti-inflammatory processes in the synovial membrane.

if you would like further information about how low level laser therapy can help with your specific condition you can contact our Laser Therapist (Lynnette) on: 07985 687 770 or to book consulation call on: 01698 267389