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Hexasole pressure relief insole


The Hexasole offloading insole, offers a simple remedy to the problems associated with pressure sores or sensitive areas on the sole of the foot. such as corn's, hard skin, bunions these are just a few conditions that can benefit from Hexasole insole.

The hexagonal shaped plugs can be removed to relieve pressure from particular vulnerable areas of the sole,whilst also providing extra comfort within the shoe.

Features:Cushions vulnerable areas on the sole of the foot Offloads pressure to painful areas or wounds. 

Available in 3 thicknesses (3mm, 4mm, 6mm) Indications for use: Post-op care Wound care Minimising pressure on wounds and diabetic ulcerations, Pain management

Simple to use just remove the area under painful area to redistribute pressure away from the area. Trim to fit to shoe size

or you can book appointment with our Chiropodist/Podiatrist, who will customise your insole for correct fit. 

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